Issue 15 out now

27 September 2019

It's that time again: our print issue is here. In our last chapter, The Dreamers, we spoke about how it is to live in this modern and instantaneous world, and it left us curious about how people might orientate and uncover happiness in a massive cloud of noise. So our fifteenth issue is titled Glede, which is the Norwegian word for happiness or joy.

For our new AW19 issue, we indulge in stories of glede. Glede can be so many things - it’s complex. Glede might be related to escape. Admiring the seascape, tasting the tangy coastal winds. Getting lost in the woods, collecting twigs and inhaling the sharply sweet smell of spruce. But also, love. Falling in love, being in love, reigniting love. Sometimes you find happiness with family or friends. There is glede in taking a break and spending time alone, nurturing the most important person in your life - you. Following a long period of time looking at foreign horizons, the familiar sight of home might stir tingles of warmth. Hiding a large chunk of your life from everyone and yourself but then finally coming to terms with it through acceptance of self is potentially euphoric. For some, glede is about creativity and finding something you’re passionate about. It’s all about making choices that feel right and good, for you.

We’re excited to announce this year’s two covers. On our actor cover, we have Dylan Sprouse, mead-maker and actor extraordinaire. Photographed by Danielle Levitt and styled by Lisa Jarvis, Dylan looks effortlessly iconic in all the colours of the rainbow in the City of Angels. With Editor-in-Chief Cecilie Harris, he calculates happiness in percentages and talks life and career before and after his break from the public eye. Louis Baines at Kate Moss Agency, who graces our fashion cover, teaches us how to find our perfect sanctuary. Alongside Cecilie Harris and Fashion Director Christopher Preston, Louis submitted to the quaint English countryside.

For our talent features, we spoke to an astonishing group of creatives. We caught up with Danish actor and photographer Alex Høgh Andersen in his home country, exploring how his Vikings character Ivar the Boneless developed from his debut in season 4 to his subsequent rise to lead. In our conversation with Canadian actor Lamar Johnson, set to appear in romantic drama All The Bright Places, you’ll figure out why his priority is to make films about human beings. Lamar’s All the Bright Things co-star, Felix Mallard, shares his recipe for happiness, which hint, hint involves a flowchart. We conversed with Bates Motel’s Keenan Tracey, who reveals the downside of playing a dark character. Actor Benjamin Wadsworth from Deadly Class shares his morning happiness ritual. Over in our neck of the woods, we met up with one of Britain’s most successful YouTubers - Joe Sugg behind the account ThatcherJoe - and discussed this still relatively new social media era job. For us, happiness is about people coming together - from all walks of life, so for our fashion editorials, we explored love, diversity, and tolerance, as some of the aspects of glede.

Dear reader, we hope you’ll take these stories of happiness and find a way to apply it to your own life. This issue was made with you in mind. Each page is sprinkled with a dosage of joy, all ready for you to take in. Autumn has begun unfolding, so light a scented candle, make yourself a cup of tea, cuddle up in a knitted turtleneck and a warm blanket, and enjoy these tales of glede.

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