Petals Like Glass

20 February 2023

Photography Georgia Baldwin
Fashion Sophia Katyea
Words Jiré Saffron
Make-up Louise Done
Fashion Assistant Eden Charkani
Model Lee Smith at Next Models London

Before the edge of the unknown comes first the lake and its verdant shores. Above the air, smoke rises and you can feel the whirl of the world around you. A spinning top with new colours to be found, reflecting all of life's facets, casting light and laughter in its wake.

Fresh off a long day, going nowhere fast and headed towards open space, eyes make light and in flight remain unchanged. Step by step through a silent Saturday plain, Lee marches unafraid into the expanse of eternity which stretches ahead. Rolling plains tumble back towards the horizon and the valley calls, now there are no signs of life around.

The sky is dappled with shades of gold as Georgia Baldwin's artful lens captures Sophia Katyea's carefully curated colour palette of neutrals and earthy hues. Raining down, cool cerulean smiles along with warm touches as a cool autumn breeze whisper past, confiding in his secrets of sweet, freshly cut grass and blooming flowers – their petals like glass. Wildflowers slowly nod their heads in salute as Lee passes by with care, if it was meant for them to lead, then this is the route to follow.

Standing on the rock it all seems clear. Stories live within these leaves, pass through branches, and lilt beneath still rivers. Blending harmoniously through time, akin to distant memories, waiting to be remembered like inherent truths we always knew.

Georgia Baldwin Web Sized6
Georgia Baldwin Web Sized12

above left: Lee wears Coat and Shirt by DIOR
above right: Lee wears jacket, jumper and shorts by Daniel W Fletcher

Georgia Baldwin Web Sized4 V2
Georgia Baldwin Web Sized17

above left: Lee wears Coat, Suit and Shirt by Dior, Jumper by R. M. Williams and Boots by Axel Arigato
above right: Lee wears full look by Studio Nicholson and Socks by Paul Smith

Georgia Baldwin Web Sized7
Georgia Baldwin Web Sized9
Georgia Baldwin Web Sized3
Georgia Baldwin Web Sized25

above left: outfit as before
above right: Lee wears Coat, Trousers and Shoes by Ami Paris and Shirt by Sandro

Georgia Baldwin Web Sized22
Georgia Baldwin Web Sized14

above left: Lee wears full look by Prada and Socks by Falke
above right: outfit as before

Georgia Baldwin Web Sized13
Georgia Baldwin Web Sized32
Georgia Baldwin Web Sized24
Georgia Baldwin Web Sized18
Georgia Baldwin Web Sized20 V2
Georgia Baldwin Web Sized21 V2
Georgia Baldwin Web Sized1

above left: outfit as before
above right: Lee wears Shirt and Cardigan by Alexander McQueen

Georgia Baldwin Web Sized19
Georgia Baldwin Web Sized5
Georgia Baldwin Web Sized16
Georgia Baldwin Web Sized2 V2

above left: outfit as before
above right: Lee wears Shirt and Jacket by Nanushka and Jumper by Scotch & Soda

Georgia Baldwin Web Sized31
Georgia Baldwin Web Sized33

above left: Lee wears Shirt and Jacket by Nanushka, Jumper by Scotch & Soda and Trousers by Norse Projects
above right: outfit as before

Georgia Baldwin Web Sized27
Georgia Baldwin Web Sized28

above left: outfit as before
above right: Lee wears Jacket, Trousers and Shoes by Sandro, Shirt by King & Tuckfield, Vest by Gant, Cardigan by Tod's and Socks by Burlington

Georgia Baldwin Web Sized15
Georgia Baldwin Web Sized30
Georgia Baldwin Web Sized23
Georgia Baldwin Web Sized29 V2
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