Arran Horton for Issue 14

26 November 2018

Photographer Trisha Ward
Fashion David Nolan
Model Arran Horton at Select Model Management

Hamlet posed the most basic; “To be, or not to be, that is the question”. However, do you think this Shakespearean line is a dichotomy like for instance good and evil? We adopt faces every day in order to constantly build upon an experience. Is it a content existence? Is it melancholic? Is it numbing? Is it impartial? There are several delicately subtle queries that make up our ‘being’, causing often complicated, anxiety-inducing inner monologues.

Photographer Trisha Ward photographs Arran Horton at Select Model Management in his quest for meaning. Thick clouds bleach the English countryside and the boy’s mind. Thoughts catch adrift in the long, crisp fields. The rainclouds anticipate release; willing to satiate the parched patches left by a dry, hot summer. Do you like listening to the sound of rain? Answers supplement forces of nature. The boy closes his eyes and journeys away with a damp wind, a forecast of the pensive autumn months.

The present tense is a reflection of the past tense - a concept that is difficult to come to grips with but that is necessary to possess. To be is contingent on moving forward. Each new breath instigates a small step into the future. Fashion editor David Nolan curates an old-fashion expression in concert with modern ideas for Arran, exploring what it would look like from the outside to master the subtle art of being.

For more of 'The Subtle Art of Being', take in the full 10-page editorial beyond the few teasers below. Our brand new Autumn Winter '18 issue ‘The Dreamers’ is available now to buy online and in selected stores worldwide.
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