Ashton Sanders for Issue 14

15 October 2018

Photographer Danielle Levitt
Fashion Sean Knight
Production Stephanie Porto
Words Hedvig Werner
Set Design Brittany Porter
Grooming Tasha Brown for Exclusive Artists using Bobbi Brown
Fashion Assistant Rob Ziemer

In the vivacious living quarters of a flamboyant older lady in Los Angeles, photographer storyteller extraordinaire Danielle Levitt captures actor Ashton Sanders for our brand new AW18 print issue. Including stylist Sean Knight, the trio explores a playground of colour, texture, culture, gender, and style. Tracing the blues and purples of the ‘Moonlight’ film poster across Ashton’s face gives a discreet nod to the film that made us all alert to his immeasurable talent.

“I think we all signed up for the script, because we all related to it in some way or another. By taking my life experiences that were relatable to the film and kind of using those as a foundation, those became my tools for actually embodying this character. I wanted to portray Chiron as human as possible and as real as possible. The only way I was really able to do that was to give myself over to the character. He demanded that and nothing short of that. And that’s how Chiron came about.”

Acting out main character Chiron in the teenage chapter of Barry Jenkins’ indie low-budget Oscar-winning film ‘Moonlight’, Ashton persuaded the fragile centre in us all. His organic approach tugged at our most delicate sentiments, allowing numerous to taste the salted tang of tears while shedding for Chiron. Following the critically acclaimed ‘Moonlight’, he starred opposite Denzel Washington, one of his personal acting heroes, in the action thriller ‘Equalizer 2’, which premiered this summer in cinemas worldwide.

For more of Ashton, take in the full 16-page story beyond the few teasers below. Our brand new Autumn Winter '18 issue ‘The Dreamers’ is available to buy online and in stores.

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