BBG Loves: Colmar AW21

28 July 2021

Winter is for wintering. For winding down, protecting energies, and filling the remaining daylight hours with care. In many ways, the winter season is about minimalism: we focus on the things in our lives that fuel us as the nights grow long.

This is a belief system that Italian brand Colmar Originals have seamlessly threaded into their AW21 collection. Focusing on their central DNA of ‘sport in style’, for AW21 the brand brings minimalism to the winter wardrobe, wrapping the wearer in pieces of comfort and versatility, whilst tones of petrol green and burgundy offer warmth that we’re excited to explore in situ.

Winter is also about evenings spent warming yourself by the fire, wrapped in blankets, and surrounded by loved ones. If we could pick up this feeling and wear it, we think it would feel and look a lot like Colmar’s timeless blended woollen jacket, which has thoughtfully been created from a soft, naturally stretchy blended wool and dyed yarn to recall classic tweeds.

We’re a stickler for the details – after all, it’s these that complete a look – so we’re loving the iconic Colmar logo this season, which is tone on tone to emphasise the collection’s overall simplicity (also created from eco-sustainable silicone - bonus points from us!).

Whilst looking forward to the hope of a new year, remember to give yourself permission to reminisce heritage this AW season with Colmar’s collection. We know we will be.

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