10 October 2022

Photography Zuzanna Blur
Fashion Bart Pacult
Words Jiré Saffron
Fashion assistant Harry Langford
Model Matt Devlin at established models

Invisible to the wavering eye and transported through time, he makes his entrance, treading softly through the crowd. Difficult to describe, a man and a maze wrapped into one. The shadows bear light; a wet ground with no fear of the storm. Hidden close in plain sight and able to disappear at a moment’s notice. He is a lone traveller, falling in and out of materiality.

Raindrops follow, one after the other, in a race to the bottom to meet the man on the road. He’s draped in sharp lines and brisk blacks. A mid-length harness around his waist fights to keep it all under control. A knight or a nobleman? Maybe both. His hair falls to the side, raindrops swing from the bottom of his coat. Despite the sky and all its cries, the day must go on.

As Matt makes his way through, Zuzanna Blur focuses her scope. Silently observing. All that remains evasive to the naked gaze. Refractions of light break apart, splitting everything they cross. They dance on fresh glass and spin past every surface they can grasp. Along the way, they meet Matt and engage in a delicate exchange of back and forth. Silencing the self to discover the unknown, silence becomes one with the whole. Walking on, the destination is a mirage in the distance; where will he rest tonight?

Styled attentively by Bart Pacult, there is a conversation that can’t be expressed by words alone. Issey Miyake greens express a different voice than Burberry brown hues. Pieces of a man collide every time the light reflects a hidden thought. Each step a choice into the future. Millisecond smiles and other tiny, flickering emotions. Feelings of despair flash only to be forgotten by the sense of pride that comes from clear focus. Brittle winds sweep across the landscape as the path deepens. Forwards to the light or return to the comforting gloom? On the way down, the ground becomes a memory so foreign, but this light remains an echo of all the questions we once held.

Suzanna Blur 15
Suzanna Blur 7

above left: Matt wears top by Vivienne Westwood, jacket and trousers by Burberry
above right: Matt wears t-shirt and coat by Alexander Mcqueen

Suzanna Blur 2
Suzanna Blur 11

above left: Matt wears t-shirt, coat, trousers and belt by alexander mcqueen
above right: Matt wears top by vivienne westwood, jacket, trousers and shoes by burberry

Suzanna Blur 13
Suzanna Blur 17

Above: Matt wears turtle neck and blazer by issey miyake and trousers by louis gabriel nouchi

Suzanna Blur 16
Suzanna Blur 6

above left: outfit as before
above right: Matt wears t-shirt, coat, trousers, belt and shoes by alexander mcqueen

Suzanna Blur 1
Suzanna Blur 18
Suzanna Blur 8
Suzanna Blur 12
Suzanna Blur 4
Suzanna Blur 5
Suzanna Blur 14
Suzanna Blur 22

above: Matt wears shirt by louis gabriel nouchi, jacket by carlota barrera, trousers, belt and shoes by erdem

Suzanna Blur 9
Suzanna Blur 23
Suzanna Blur 24
Suzanna Blur 3
Suzanna Blur 10
Suzanna Blur 19
Suzanna Blur 21

above left: Matt wears top by altar london, trousers by mm6 maison mergiela and jacket by nanushka
above right: outfit as before

Suzanna Blur 26
Suzanna Blur 20
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