Levi Miller for Issue 14

12 November 2018

Photographer Ming Nomchong
Fashion Sarah Birchley
Interview Jonny Clowes
Casting Barbara Bersell
Grooming Gemma Elaine using Kevin Murphy, Khiels and MAC Cosmetics
Photography Assistant Grant Tyrrell
Fashion Assistant Jessinta Jones

In the outskirts of Brisbane, Australia, talented young actor Levi Miller is captured tree hugging by photographer Ming Nomchong for the brand new AW18 issue. He fuses serenely with the scenic exteriors, as stylist Sarah Birchley enlisted denim throughout this story along with comforting shades of brown. Starting to find his voice, Levi appears as a boy who has his right foot securely engaged in childhood while his left teases with the idea of manhood.

“I grew up in the city, so I’d never experienced outback Australia until I was 12 when I was shooting ‘Red Dog’. That was the first time ever and it’s really different. Where I live in Brisbane, it’s tropical weather, so I definitely grew up being constantly hot! The distance is massive; when you’re a kid you don’t really notice spatial awareness and where you are in the world. When I first went overseas to Europe on holiday at nine, and then when I was 11 to film ‘Pan’, that was the first time I realised we are so far away from everything down here.”

Levi’s curious mind alights as he speaks of his desire to experience everything the world can possibly offer - and beyond. No stone will be left unturned when this boy reaches ripe age. The boy who played the boy who wouldn’t grow up, can’t wait for the day he turns 18 - to become the master of his dreams.

For more of Levi, take in the full 10-page story beyond the few teasers. Our brand new Autumn Winter '18 issue ‘The Dreamers’ is available to buy online and in stores.

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