The Dreamers for Issue 14

15 November 2018

Photographer Sandra Freij
Fashion Christopher Preston
Production and Casting Myra Gonzalez
Casting Barbara Bersell
Words Matthew Regan
Hair Benjamin David
Makeup Kentaro Kondo at Eighteen Management
Photography assistants Tean Roberts, Rebecka Slatter and Brichard Bartram
Models Alex Dragulele at Premier Model Management, Fraser Bunchanan at Established Models and Jassira Pinto at Next Management
Special thanks to the Union Club Soho

Meet the modern bohemians. For BBG Issue 14, ‘The Dreamers’, photographer Sandra Freij plummets into an ocean of gilded walls and aristocracy. At the turn of the 20th Century, the Bloomsbury bunch were a revolutionary pack of intellectuals - writers, poets and artists alike. They were dripping in wealth and the fantasy of a new society, with looser rules and more-loving, in every sense of the word.

Stylist Christopher Preston channels the same pomp, androgyny and carefree belonging; but transforms it into a mirror of youth today. The tailoring is gentle, yet still carries a thorn in its clean draping and dynamic layering. It’s fashion that can transition from the dinner-party, to the champagne-drenched evening ahead.

Strung up in their velvet and pearls, models Alex Dragulele, Fraser Bunchanan and Jassira Pinto shut the doors, pull down the blinds and unhook the telephone. Together, they sew the tapestry of a new zeitgeist: where minds reign supreme and bodies are just the shells that house us. Say goodbye to your old restrictions, friend. The dreamers are here.

To see the full editorial, make sure to get yourself a copy of Issue 14, which is now available to buy in selected stockists worldwide and via our online shop, beyond the brief teasers below.

The Dreamers1
The Dreamers2
The Dreamers3
The Dreamers4
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