Kaleidoscope Kid

23 January 2023

Venice Beach, 1978. If anyone who is anyone was to be anywhere, they’d be here. Against the splatter soundscape of bike bells, traffic horns, children playing and the blueprint break of Venice Beach waves, Isaak Adoyi slips into the picture. Cool, calm, collected – kaleidoscopic.

He guards a sanctum in the middle of secrecy and surrender. Patrolling between parking lots and the air-conditioned back alleys of the local mart, here lies a microcosm of the universe and Isaak is at the centre of it.

He knows no space or time, he simply waits for the right moment. A camera-flash-instant explosion of light and colour changes the boundaries from which new worlds are born. Photographer Maya Umemoto Gorman holds a mirror to man as the duo stake their claim on a slice of the planet’s busiest boardwalk.

Whilst vanilla ice cream slowly melts down the hand of its unsuspecting lover, stylist Hannah Atira dresses this mercurial stranger in colours and ensembles to match the effortless warmth of Los Angeles sunshine. Blending seamlessly between old-school smarts and something a little more daring, Isaak and his wardrobe shine with the promise that you, too, can be anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Issak 20
Issak 3 V2

above left: Isaak wears trousers by Yony, vest by John Elliott, necklaces by Vitaly and shoes by Allen Edmonds
above right: Isaak wears jumper by Maysha and hair pick by Golf Le Fleur

Issak 5
Issak 26
Issak 14
Issak 2

above left: Isaak wears cardigan by Manors Golf and trousers by Goodfight
above right: outfit as before

Issak 7
Issak 13 V2

above left: outfit as before
above right: Isaak wears cardigan by Manors Golf, trousers by Goodfight and shoes by Vince

Issak 34 V2
Issak 16

above left: Isaak wears suit by Yony and shoes by Allen Edmonds
above right: outfit as before

Issak 18
Issak 35 V2
Issak 28
Issak 6 V2
Issak 1 V2
Issak 27
Issak 33 V2
Issak 36
Issak 15 V2
Issak 29
Issak 21
Issak 17 V2
Issak 8 V2
Issak 22

above left: Isaak wears shirt by Goodfight and jewellery by Miabella Italy
above right: outfit as before

Issak 24
Issak 12 V2
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