Tyler Young for Issue 14

19 November 2018

Photographer Amber McKee
Fashion Leo Plass
Interview Cecilie Harris
Casting Barbara Bersell
Production Go Atticus
Grooming Sarah Huggins
Styling Assistant Gracie Chen

For our 2018 print issue, we looked for the real dreamers, and L.A. based actor Tyler Young was one of our greatest finds, amongst many. Those who dream relentlessly, who take risks and approach the future with a notion that exciting things could happen - these are the boys gracing our latest edition of printed pages.

BBG photographer Amber McKee captures different shades of Tyler for our fourteenth chapter, 'The Dreamers'. Perhaps best known for his impactful performance in 'Eyewitness', for his print feature, he subtly plays with the camera like an old friend, embracing the styles handed to him by Leo Plass. Optimistic about the young generation, despite them being referred to as gentle snowflakes at times, Tyler raises the thought that perhaps it's them who will change this world for the better. "All the bad is being pushed out and all the good is being pushed in." And he continues to dream.

"My deepest dream for the world: I just want everyone to be happy and let people be - to let people live their lives how they want to live their lives. I want everybody to be themselves, ‘cause when people aren’t themselves is when evil is created - and it manifests deep within people who are forced to live lives they don’t want to live. I wish everybody felt the same freedom that I do and aspire to have. I think the world would be a better place."

We settle in for a while and get lost in conversation about passion projects, creative expression, crying with strangers and what secret youth fountain he might be drinking from that the rest of us haven't found yet. Tyler reminds you that, ultimately, all we want is to truly connect with each other and that the most precious thing we can do is create our own journey and accept that it may not always be perfect.
Enjoy the full images series and conversation with Tyler across 13 pages in our new Autumn Winter '18 issue - beyond the brief teasers below - which is now available to buy in selected stockists worldwide and via our online shop.
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