BBG Loves: Parajumpers SS22

2 March 2022

Words by Amy-Jo Breach

A rushing waterfall. Towering mountains. Veins of a river cutting through landscapes. These are the territories of the Parajumpers SS22 campaign. Energised by environments untouched by humankind, Parajumpers infuses the powerful energy of wild and rocky sceneries into their pieces as they go beyond boundaries to envisage the magnificence of nature.

It's been a challenging time. We've been trapped and confined - not allowed to fully breathe and embrace the world around us. But we are ready now. We want to breathe, to stretch our arms as wide as trees leaning into the wind and explore new territories - beyond the boundaries we've been enveloped in the last two years.

Understanding our innate need for the vitality of natural environments as our fast-paced world snatches our attention, this SS22 collection offers us the chance to be present in the moment and imbue our lives with vibrant energy as we pause to appreciate the scenes around us.

Over the years, we have fallen in love with the Italian-born luxury outerwear label and their durable yet fashionable materials, keeping us comfortable throughout the seasons. The lightweight coats with down-padded lining and cosy hoods provide protection for the coming spring and summer and enable much needed freedom with their functional and fashionable approach.

Refreshed with a positive attitude, we turn to the deep earthy tones of the Parajumpers SS22 collection mixed with bright pops of colour to delicately contrast ideas of spectacular natural landscapes and modern urban outfits. We adore the elegant textures combined with sturdy and strong materials, giving the collection a burst of power and unyielding strength. The resilient power of nature is clearly rooted in this collection. As our resilience has been tested and the harshness of winter (and the pandemic) is slowly starting to let go, we are ready for a lighter time with more freedom to explore and to be our wild selves.

Find the collection here.

Nature 4
M Polaris 3 2

Images courtesy of Parajumpers

M Dominic 3
Titus Shaded 2
Nature 1
M Chess 1
M Jupiter 3
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