BBG Loves: Colmar A.G.E. AW21

14 October 2021

The great adventure is back. Freshly out of a world of lockdown, are you excited to get back out into the world and explore? We are. As we imagine crackling fireplaces, morning walks and midnight travels, our thoughts return to our favourites, Colmar. Inspired by their AW21 A.G.E. collection to keep us warm and give us that contemporary look, we’re ready to explore nature in a perfect getaway.

As the temperatures drop and the clouds darken, we find ourselves not quite ready to begin hibernation, but instead craving to give a new lease of life to our souls and drum up the spirit to step outside and face the frost. A.G.E. (Advanced Garment Exploration) from Creative Director Morteza Vaseghi consists of 18 unisex signature pieces we want to wrap ourselves up in, like a perfect winter hug.

The world is healing and we are too. Somewhere in the chaos we found contentment and within the silence there was beauty. Appreciating the deep inhale of a crisp winter’s breath, it’s time to emerge into the wilderness beyond. Accompanying you along the way, could be the comfort of the patterns, labels, and pockets of the A.G.E. collection, which represents the innate link between nature and mankind.

The collection was influenced by elements of the white-tipped rocky mountains of Cortina d’Ampezzo in Northern Italy and was made with sustainable materials such as recycled polyamide and organic cotton. The special collection is 100% green, and combined with Vaseghi’s futuristic organic forms, Colmar’s A.G.E. envisions the holistic coexistence between humans and nature. Either worn as complete structures or individual pieces, Colmar’s abstract forms and shapes are streaked with contemporary style through sporty materials, rich colour schemes, and futuristic silhouettes.

If you needed a sign to embark on that long-awaited winter escapade, this is it. You might just run into us sipping a piping hot cup of tea along the way.

Find the collection here.

Colmar AGE5
Colmar AGE3
Colmar AGE7
Colmar AGE1
Colmar AGE4
Colmar AGE2
Colmar AGE6
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