Keenan Tracey for Issue 15

4 November 2019

Photography Amber McKee
Fashion Leo Plass
Casting Barbara Bersell
Interview Matthew Regan
Grooming Sarah Huggins

On our quest to find people to speak about happiness with, we found Keenan Tracey. After making a lasting impression with his portrayal of Gunner in cult thriller Bates Motel, we knew we wanted to have a conversation with the actor. Enlisting photographer Amber McKee and stylist Leo Plass, they dreamt up their version of glede with Keenan in imagery for print issue fifteen - and the result shows off the subtle nuances of his emotional spectrum. The talented actor is a natural in the creative arts, which isn't too surprising when you get an inside into the quirky, adventurous childhood of Keenan.

"We grew up travelling a lot, as my dad was shooting a show that took us to lots of exotic and warm places. With each one of those, I’d bring back something, even if it was something small, like a sound device. We just had a bunch of weird shit around the house instrument wise. I remember every sunny day we woke up, my dad would open up all the windows in the house and sit in the yard in the sunshine with good music playing and a nice breeze."

Raised on a palette of blaring music and a prescription of endless sunshine, Keenan travelled the world with his father as a child and seemingly hasn’t managed to shake off that childlike curiosity. When he isn’t busy reciting lines to his cat, he creates and produces music from his little orbit in the Hollywood Hills.

For more of Keenan, take in the full 10-page story beyond these few teasers. Our brand new Autumn Winter ’19 issue Glede is available to buy online and in select stores worldwide.

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