BBG Loves: Colmar N.O.W. NEXT SS22

9 March 2022

Words by Amy-Jo Breach

Shadows fade and dark becomes light as the year moves towards a new season. A shift occurs when the days become longer; newfound energy and excitement to breathe in fresh air crash through bodies like a wave the moment after breaking. Discarding fatigue and winter dullness, we wait to embrace buds of daffodils and tulips colouring fields in pink and yellow with semi-sweet perfume as March opens up pockets of hope.

As we emerge from the depths of winter, we’re welcomed into a mellow embrace of spring. Encapsulating the season with their four-part collection New Optimistic World (N.O.W. NEXT), Colmar observes the present and dreams of brighter times. Energy flows through arteries and sparks up the urge to test the waters and discover untold treasures.

Inspired by the modern environment, from technology and art to communication and thought, Colmar’s SS22 collection leads their signature sports DNA to the beach. We’ve been dreaming about this; falling in love on a spring night, laughing with our friends as we roll down the car window on a road trip to nowhere, breathing in the crisp air filled with the faint smell of salty seas carried to us on a tender breeze.

This collection is our spring BFF; with eco-friendly fabrics distinguished by the Colmar Green Path logo, we’re feeling good about walking hand in hand with these N.O.W. NEXT pieces as we long to explore nature under serene skies. Made with eco-sustainable fabrics, material recycling production processes and attention to the environmental impact, we're very much on board with these smart and innovative designs.

We dream of tranquil beaches, getting lost out of town and a carefree day where we can simply let the wind guide us to unknown destinations. What do you dream of?

Find the collection here.


Images courtesy of Colmar.

1166 V 8 VW 337 2
1896 V 9 VW 99
1930 V 2 VX 407
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